Björk singer, songwriter

Björk Guðmundsdóttir known as Björk is an Icelandic singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, and actress. Over her four-decade career, she has developed an eclectic musical style that draws on a wide range of influences and genres spanning electronic, pop, experimental, classical, trip hop, IDM, and avant-garde styles.


Björk has been an keen admirer of Arvo Pärt’s music for a long time. At first glanze we see two extremely different artistic personas, but in closer look one can discover some really significant points in common, like a special sensitivity to sound, focus on structure and details, but even more, having a courage to step out of mainstream and taking one’s own unique path to follow.

Björk and Arvo Pärt know each for many years by now. In 1997 Arvo Pärt – who doesn’t give interviews very often – was a guest in Björk’s art programme for BBC „Modern Minimalists“.

Arvo Pärt is a so-called „serious“ composer who in a very sensitive way has got the whole battle of the 20th century inside him.