Jerzy Hoffman film director

An acclaimed, Oscar-nominated Polish film director and screenwriter.

Jerzy Hoffman

Hoffman cooperated with Kazimierz Serocki on The Deluge – based on Henryk Sienikiewicz' popular novel. The movie was a blockbuster with more the 27 million tickets sold through the years in Poland only. Another 30 millions were sold accross the Soviet Union. The Deluge was also praised by the critics and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1975, Despite such a great success it was both the first and the last time these renowned artists have ever worked together.


Serocki was truly a sight to behold during recordings. His haggard face would suddenly become the face of a spiritual artist. And there was special something that emanated from him, something that was simply contagious to the orchestra.